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- The final programme.


A SARNET Benchmark on two VULCANO Molten Core Concrete Interaction Tests (C. JOURNEAU).pdf
Advancements in PAR modelling - Major results of a national project performed at RWTH Aachen and .pdf
Aerosol Retention in Containment - Leak Paths Indications for a Code Model in the Light of COLIMA.pdf
ALISA Project. Access to Large Infrastructures for Severe Accidents in Europe and China (S. Zhang.pdf
Analysis and Interpretation of the LIVE-L6 Experiment (A. PALAGIN).pdf
Analysis of Corium Behavior in the Lower Plenum of the Reactor Vessel during a Severe Accident (R.pdf
ASTEC adaptation of PHWR module for Limited Core Damage Accident analysis (P. Majumdar).pdf
ASTEC V2.0 rev 1 Reactor Applications French PWR900 MWe Accident Sequences oco Comparison with MA.pdf
Benchmark on THAI multi-compartment iodine tests - Results for test Iod-11 (G. Weber).pdf
Benchmark on VVER1000 MCCI Reactor Test Cases (P. Grudev).pdf
CERES experiments calculation with the ASTEC code (L. TARCZAL).pdf
Conduct and Analytical Support to Air Ingress Experiment QUENCH-16 (J. BIRCHLEY).pdf
Consideration of a Possibility for Corium Retention (ReactorInternalsandCoreMelt)intheVesselofWWE.pdf
Coolability in Lower Head.pdf
Estimation of Thermal-Hydraulic Loading for VVER-1000 under Severe Accident Scenario Following St.pdf
Experimental and Computational Studies of the Coolability of Heap-like and Cylindrical Debris Bed.pdf
Experimental Determination and Analysis of Iodine Mass Transfer Coefficients from THAI Test Iod-2.pdf
Experimental Study of Hydrogen Combustion during DCH Events in Two Different Scales (G. ALBRECHT).pdf
Experiments of the LACOMECO Project at KIT (A. Miassoedov).pdf
Final results of the SARNET Hydrogen deflagration Benchmark Effect of turbulence on flame acceler.pdf
General SARNET2 status (J.P. Van Dorsselaere).pdf
GENERIC CONTAINMENT - A first step towards bringing (European) containment simulations to a commo.pdf
High temperature reaction between UO2 and sea salt deposit (M. TAKANO).pdf
Hydrogen Stratification in Experimental Facilities and PWR Containments Results and Conclusions o.pdf
Improvement of spray modelling for hydrogen risk analysis in a PWR (S. MIMOUNI).pdf
In-vessel retention as retrofitting measure for existing nuclear power plants (MARTIN BAUER, KEVI.pdf


Investigation of Multidimensional Effects during Debris Cooling (M. Rashid).pdf
Large Scale Experimental Program at PSI on Safety Issues in a PWR Steam Generator (T. LIND).pdf
Main results of the ISTC Project %233876Thermo-Hydraulics ofU-Zr-OMoltenPool underOxidisingConditio.pdf
MCCI pool temperature and viscosity - A discussion of the impact of scale (A. FARGETTE).pdf
MELCOR Severe Accident Simulation for a CAREM-like Integral Reactor (S. SüNCHEZ).pdf
MOCKA Experiments on Concrete Erosion by a Metal and Oxide Melt (J. FOIT).pdf
OECD Benchmark Exercise on the TMI-2 Plant - Analysis of an Alternative Severe Accident Scenario .pdf
Overview of Fukushima-Accident Analysis (M. FUKASAWA).pdf
Overview of the ASTEC V2.0-rev1 Validation (P. CHATELARD).pdf
Parametrical study on MCCI reactor cases under dry cavity conditions for assessment of parameters.pdf
Plans for a new large scale corium facility at CEA-Cadarache - The FOURNAISE project (C. Journeau.pdf
Pre-test Calculations of QUENCH-DEBRIS-0 Test Using SOCRAT-V3 Code (VASILIEV A.D.).pdf
Research Results in Support of In-vessel Corium Retention Program in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.pdf
Revaporisation behaviour of deposits.pdf
Single droplet heat and mass transfer modelling for nuclear containment spray applications SARNET.pdf
Source term assessment with ASTEC and associated uncertainty analysis using sunset (K. CHEVALIER-.pdf
Status of the OECD-SERENA Project for the Resolution of Ex-vessel Steam Explosion Risks (P. Pilus.pdf
The EC Programmes concerning Severe Accidant Research (Michel Hugon).pdf
The Experimental Results of LIVE-L8B - Debris Melting Process in a Simulated PWR Lower Head (X. G.pdf
The results of the ARTIST projects and aerosol retention in a steam generator during SGTR (Tertta.pdf
The role of void on steam explosion loads (R. Meignen).pdf
Validation of the FCI Codes against DEFOR-A Data on the Mass Fraction of Agglomerated Debris (P. .pdf


ERMSAR2012-1.01 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-1.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-1.02 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-1.02 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-1.03 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-1.03 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-1.04 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-1.04 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-1.05 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-1.05 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-1.06 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-1.06 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.01 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.02 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.02 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.03 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.03 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.04 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.04 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.05 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.05 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.06 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-2.07 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.07 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-2.08 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-2.09 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-2.10 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-2.11 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.11 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-2.12 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-2.13 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.14 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-2.15 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-2.15 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-3.01 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-3.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-3.02 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-3.04 slides.pps
ERMSAR2012-3.05 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-3.06 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-3.07 slides.pps
ERMSAR2012-4.01 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-4.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-4.02 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-4.02 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-4.03 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-4.03 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-4.04 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-4.04 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-4.05 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-4.05 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.01 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.02 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.02 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.03 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.03 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.04 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.04 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.05 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.05 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.06 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.06 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-5.07 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-5.08 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-5.08 video.wmv
ERMSAR2012-5.09 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-5.10 slides.pdf
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ERMSAR2012-5.11 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-6.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-6.02 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-6.03 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-6.03 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-6.04 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-6.04 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-6.05 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-6.05 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-6.06 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-6.06 slides.pptx
ERMSAR2012-7.01 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-7.01 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-7.02 slides.pdf
ERMSAR2012-7.02 slides.ppt
ERMSAR2012-7.03 Fukushima slides.pptx