Favourite Links

FP7 research project on experimental corium facilities

The collaboration site for the development of ASTEC (limited access to partners that signed an agreement with IRSN or GRS)

FP7 research project on ASTEC code improvements for SAM

The Research and Development Information Service of the European Commission.

The European Nuclear Education Network is a non-profit international organization dedicated to the preservation and further development of expertise in the nuclear fields by higher education and training.

The European network of Safety Technical Safety (TSO) organizations

The global European initiative for promotion of convergence of nuclear safety practices in Europe. A yearly Forum is gathering technical safety organisations, research institutes, safety authorities, the energy industry and other branches of industry, public institutions and associations as well as international organisations. It concerns also three working groups and the release of a quarterly Tribune report.

Large scale experiments in KIT (Germany) on core degradation, melt retention and coolability 

NUGENIA is an association dedicated to the research and development of nuclear fission technologies, with a focus on Generation II and III nuclear plants. It gathers stakeholders from industry, research, safety organisations and academia, committed to develop joint R&D projects in the field.

NEA assists its Member countries in maintaining and further developing, through international co-operation, the scientific, technological and legal bases required for the safe, environmentally friendly and economical use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes

FP7 research project on mitigation of source term

The only European experimental platform (in CEA, France) dedicated to the study of severe accidents using large masses of prototypic corium.

A research program on reflood of an overheated core and corresponding topics run at KIT, including large scale bundle tests, various kinds of separate-effects tests, model development and code application

FP7 research project on experimental severe accident facilities in Europe and China

The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform.

The objective of the STRESA (Storage of Thermal Reactor Safety Analysis Data) tool, developed by JRC, is the preservation of experimental data bases and the maintenance of supporting information/documentation.